Samuel Kim


Rutgers University (NB) – B.A. Information Technology and Informatics Major and Digital Communications in Media Minor

Work Experience:

Employee at Twin Method Cleaners (Verona, NJ) : July 2011-Present

Consultant at Rutgers OIT Help Desk : May 2015 – Present






RUWireless Troubleshooting Tips: Windows

Hello, this is a screencast video of a list of things that you’ll want to try if you’re having trouble connecting to the WiFi at Rutgers. This is a video mainly for Windows users (sorry Apple fanboys) but the tips are still relevant for Mac users but you’ll have to find the corresponding console commands for them.

For those who prefer a written version over a video I’ve written the steps out below:

  1. Check University Status (only faculty, staff, students, and sponsored guests). Alumni and students who are not enrolled in classes in the current semester or have not paid their term bill can not connect to the network.
  2. Re-install Secure W2 from
  3. Check IP Address at or from Command Prompt (type: ipconfig and look for iPv4 field)
  4. Reset IP Address by typing ipconfig /release (enter) then ipconfig /renew (enter)
  5. Flush DNS Settings by typing ipconfig /flushdns
  6. Perform a winsock reset by running Command Prompt as Administrator and typing netsh winsock reset (enter) then restart your computer.
  7. If all this did not work, bring your device into the Help Desk located in the basement of the Hill Center or call in and set up a dispatch appointment.